Showreel Dance 

 mix of performance, improvisation and film


Are you looking for me?
It's a 5 Minute piece created in cooperation with Sandra Domnick. 
The piece is trying to show the influence of society and how much the civilization is getting formed by it

Gender is a videoproduction which was created 2018 in cooperation with Nektar Design Frankfurt Info 
The goal of the video was to create a video which Shows the diversity of gender and the result that humanity is not about man or woman. It's about love and love is diverse in itself. 

The choreographies Manuel are teaching in his  Contemporary Classes are always Influenced by the music he is using. Fluent contemporary movements combined with a mix of hip hop moves are becoming his Commercial  contemporary fusion choreographies.
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Electric Dance Theatre
Since 2018 Manuel is a member of the Electric dance Theatre
under the artistic direction and CEO Ralf Matten 
The shows are about to present big companies on their best side.