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Arbeitsstipendium of the ministry of culture Hessen for production
"Leben"- Shortmovieproduction with the actress Jelena Markovic.

Teachingposition in the Academy for Musical and Arts Mainz

Musikvideo / Actor - Rapper and Artist Qzeng / "Mentale Krisen"

Education in the acting Methode of Susan Batson at the Institute of Film and Actingprofessions
(ISFF Berlin) 

new : Teambuilding workshops !!!
More about comming soon

New Agency !!!
Sabine Falk Zafarana
Agentur Spotlight Berlin

Current work

Weekly Teaching Monday's in Vibez Frankfurt 
Contemporary Teens and adults 

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  • 2020 "Wozzeck" Staatstheater Karlsruhe Germany
  • 2020 Teaching Musical and Arts Academy Mainz Germany